Immingham Green Energy Terminal

Our Proposals

ABP is bringing forward proposals to construct, operate and maintain the Immingham Green Energy Terminal (IGET) – a new multi-user liquid bulk green energy terminal located on the eastern side of the Port of Immingham.

The new facility at the Port would comprise:

On the marine side (the NSIP):

  • A jetty, consisting of an approach trestle, approximately 1.2km in length, leading to a single berth, including loading platforms and berthing and mooring dolphins with link walkways; and
  • Topside infrastructure on the jetty for the handling of bulk liquids, including loading arms and pipelines.

On the land side:

  • A jetty access road and related infrastructure;
  • Two operational sites supporting hydrogen production facilities (an East Site and a West Site);
  • Pipework, pipelines and utilities (i) between the jetty and the green hydrogen production facility on the East Site and (ii) between the two green hydrogen production facility sites and (iii) between buildings and plant within the production operation facilities;
  • Refrigerated ammonia storage tank (on the East Site);
  • Hydrogen production units that convert ammonia to produce the green hydrogen (on both East and West Sites);
  • Hydrogen liquefiers to liquify the hydrogen for temporary storage on the West Site;
  • Loading bays to fill road tankers with liquified hydrogen which would then be distributed to hydrogen filling stations throughout the UK (on the West Site)
  • A hydrogen refuelling station and bulk hydrogen trailer filling station;
  • Ancillary buildings and works;
  • Access from the public highway to the two hydrogen production sites;
  • Temporary construction areas; and
  • Various works (connections, diversions, protective works) to utilities including works on highways land.

Proposed Changes Consultation

As a result of ongoing engagement with stakeholders and further design evolution of the IGET project, a need has arisen to prepare a separate application for a number of Proposed Changes to the submitted draft DCO.

In summary, the Proposed Changes are as follows:

Proposed Change 1: change to the number of monopiles forming part of the IGET jetty berth (to be constructed as part of Work No. 1, referred to at paragraph 3, Schedule 3 of the draft Development Consent Order (“dDCO”) [REP1-016], from 2 monopiles in the original Application to 4 monopiles;

Proposed Change 2: change to the diameter of the piles supporting the approach jetty from 1.2m to 1.575m (also forming part of Work No.1 in the dDCO) to support the loading from the pipe racks, and flowing from the increased pile diameter, the distance required between the piles increases, and consequently the width of the approach jetty has slightly increased from 14m to 16m;

Proposed Change 3: Amendment of site boundary at the eastern edge of Work No. 7 to include additional land for temporary construction purposes and minor changes to the western accesses from the A1173 to Work No. 7;

Proposed Change 4: addition of visual detail to Work No. 1a in the Works Plans [AS-002] to show the walkways linking the jetty head to the mooring dolphins. These walkways are already described at paragraph 1(a)(ii), Schedule 1 and at Paragraph 3(2)(a)(ii) of Schedule 3 of the draft DCO.

The Proposed Changes are described in more detail in the Proposed Changes Notification Report.

The consultation on the Proposed Changes is taking place between Tuesday 26 March 2024, until 23:59 on Wednesday 24 April 2024.

Any person can respond to the Proposed Changes Consultation. All responses must be received by us in writing by 23:59pm on Wednesday, 24 April 2024.

You can respond to the Proposed Changes Consultation by submitting your views to us in writing through the following channels:

If you have any questions on the Proposed Changes or would like to request a meeting with the Project team to discuss the Proposed Changes, you can contact us at or call us on Freephone 0808 175 3233.

Statutory Consultations

Between 9 January 2023 and 20 February 2023, and again from 24 May 2023 to 20 July 2023, ABP undertook Statutory Consultation on the proposals. The consultations were an opportunity to provide local stakeholders and the community with an opportunity to understand and comment on the IGET proposals.

The Application for the DCO has now been submitted to and accepted by PINS. Information on how to view the Application documents homepage.

This website provides information on the proposed project and you can read more about IGET via the ‘Our Proposals’ and ‘Documents’ webpages. All the consultation documents and materials (from both the first and second Statutory Consultations) are available to view and download online (free of charge) on this website. Please note that DCO Application documents are not available on this website. Instead, please follow the link to the National Infrastructure Planning Website found at the top of this page, where the Application documents can be viewed and downloaded.

To view the full set of materials from the first and second Statutory Consultations, please see the ‘Documents’ tab on this website.